Artist of the Month - Miles Regis


Miles Regis, is a Los Angeles-based, Trinidadian multimedia artist whose work taps into the emotion and experiences of exotic cultures around the world and presents them in ways that are relevant to today’s modernized societies.

Prolific in both fine art art and fashion design, Regis freely swaps the materials and languages of each to enrich the other. His large-scale mixed media paintings on canvas and linen incorporate dimensional collage elements of denim, buttons, leather, printed matter, sequins, and patches of eclectically sourced found textiles along with his dextrous, gestural, richly hued abstract and figurative painting techniques. Aggressively hopeful and humanistic, Regis embraces a storytelling stance in his stylized renditions of fundamental scenes of love, loss, freedom, survival, activism, and living history.

Please enjoy two of Mile’s current shows; ‘Introducing Miles Regis’ and ‘We Are The Dream’:

For further information please contact us at (310) 806-9495.